STRUT Visits Anime Matsuri

  Weeboos, Otakus, and their Senpais traveled from around the world to Downtown Houston this weekend for Anime Matsuri. For the 11th year, this magical convention pulled out all the stops and so did the attendees. Adorned in diverse cosplays, they stole the show at Houston’s largest Anime and Japanese culture convention.

For those unfamiliar with cosplay, it’s an art all it’s own. Cosplaying, or Costume-Play, originated in Japan and has rapidly grown in popularity worldwide since the 1990s. Fans spend weeks perfecting their costumes to recreate their favorite character or create an original one of their own. It’s a very time and labor intensive process but cosplayers are a hard-working group that take pride in the perfection of their outfits.

This year cosplayers at Anime Matsuri took their art to an entirely new level. Elaborately detailed costumes, larger-than-life props, and stunningly styled wigs filled the halls of the convention center. With the bar set so high, we’re excited to see what these cosplayers bring to the con next year.

Written by: Masha Rizzi

Photographer: Jesse Greene