Summer A La Mode Pt. 4: Repeating History

For the past month, I’ve placed myself amongst the fashionistas of Houston so that I can write about what the fashion world has taught me. Each week I leave Allen’s Place, the bar where STRUT’s Summer A La Mode series takes place, thinking “so what am I going to say this time? How am I going to bring these designers justice to their clothing?”

In my own creative process, I try and find a bigger picture. Yes, I’m going to fashion shows where I get to see clothing and meet people, and hear about what those Houston creatives are wearing, but to me, there is always more. Maybe it’s my overly analytical brain, or just my thirst for depth and meaning, who knows, but this week, I saw a whole lot in just a small amount of time.

If you were at Summer A La Mode Pt. 4 last Saturday, you saw the designs of Jesse Greene and El Bambi. The two designers showcased two completely different collections. Greene presented the audience with fashion forward t-shits and Bambi threw us into a time machine with vintage looks. As the models came down the runway, I was seeing a lesson in how history repeats itself.


As I saw the looks of El Bambi, I started becoming nostalgic for a time I wasn’t even alive for. I thought about how it must have been so cool to live in the 60s and 70s where I’m sure I would have had a closet full of fringe and bellbottoms, along with every original Led Zeppelin record ever in existence. I know for a fact that I would have been a total hippie (mostly because I am now) and tried to fight “the man” in every way I could.

But then I think a little further and realize the injustice that took place during that time and how this country wanted to prevent humans from their rights, how we sent young boys to fight for nothing, and how we beat those who labeled themselves as different.

Doesn’t that sound a little familiar?

In these clothes, I saw what the world used to be, and then I looked around and grasped that even though we’ve progressed as a society in several areas, many people are still stuck in the past with closed minds that try to prevent our freedom of expression. But then I realized that although we repeat our mistakes, we repeat our successes too.

These clothes reminded me that no matter what time in history you look at, no matter how bad things have ever been, there have always been those who fought for the injustices of man to end.

Who knew clothes could be so powerful?

Written by: Anna Clarke
Photos by: Charlie Ewing