The Alantude Hour


What do you get when you combine a reality TV show, a fashion designer, and a grandiose concept with no direction? Alantude F/W 2017 Fashion Show! I responded to their call for photographers and turned that into a group of bloggers that got together to attend this event, that not only failed to have us all on the list, but had us waiting outside for half an hour while the designer and a select few did last minute coordination’s into the opening minutes.

Since Thursday is the new Friday, we decided to attend the Alantude FW17 show. I managed to get some VIP passes, saw a few familiar heads, and grabbed a cocktail only to be told that the bar would be closing fifteen minutes after the doors even opened! VIP meant absolutely nothing so I’m glad I didn’t pay. Then a voice comes on the PA and says “the show will start in five minutes so we’re closing the bar,” this was only ten minutes after finally being let in and the host’s rationale was “don’t give the bar money, give me money.” We all found a seat and watched the show. Here we go, right? Bass is bumping, models start coming out and then CLICK! Silence. The computer died and they had to start over. I’m aware that shit happens and we learn from our mistakes but don’t close the bar and then make us sit in silence! Seriously though, it wasn’t that bad just a little awkward.
About the show:


Denim and black flowing, transparent nylon combined with tight cropped fits and some Givenchy inspired graphic pieces were the highlights, and one random bridal style piece that was more confusing than a statement. There were a few pieces for men that said nothing, but I will say, the strongest men’s pieces were the denim jackets that came out randomly towards the end, which might have also been unisex. To top it off we had a musical performance that seemed more like a random filler act than a relevant addition to the show. Basically, Alantude was a perfect example of when less could have been more, and the unfortunate part was that it was already a minimal concept that just failed to execute. The designs didn’t make up for the poor show quality and seemed like a rushed attempt to do a fashion show. The lighting did not highlight the garment details, the make up, or the models, it solely highlighted the designer’s need to say “I’m doing a show”. In the end, when I left, I unfortunately had no urge to stay longer to look at the garments because the runway didn’t generate interest for me. Alantude FW 17 was a solid 5/10. This was mainly due to poor planning and visuals. He has solid concepts and a vision but he still seems underdeveloped in his presentation. He’s a designer that seems to have strong influences but has not found his way just yet in terms of show production. Definitely keep Alantude on your radar, but pregame before you go to his runway shows and come fashionably late unless you want to fashionably WAIT to get in.

Author: Jesse Greene

Photographer: Jesse Greene