Inside the Box of Dream Machine

I was asked this weekend to attend Dream Machine, an event I’d heard of, but never attended. I didn’t know much about the it, only that there would be vendors and musicians. I didn’t even know about the art installations until I walked up to the window where my press pass was waiting, and through the door that would open into a giant canvas of a room, almost pitch black.

Upon entering I noticed the mainstage where different bands would perform, and all of the crew preparing for the arrival of hundreds of people. I couldn’t make out any faces, but their bodies moved quickly through the dark. To the left of the stage, in the upper corner of the wall sat two stark white, 3D heads. From their “brains” shot out lines that lit up with different fluorescent shades, a representation of thought, I presumed, one that felt immensely creative and real. The opposite wall harbored packing boxes hanging from the ceiling, and another light show fixture below of more boxes, illuminating with green and yellow hues. They were mesmerizing in the darkness of the room, and soon, more would light up the evening.

I stayed to myself, much as I always do, so that I could take in the setting, a fly on the wall sort of approach to writing articles for STRUT.

I have noticed over the course of my time with this fashion organization, that being an observer is where the true art comes in. As people began to gather around these pieces of luminescent beauty, I was aloof to the crowd, taking in the art in their clothing.

As the lights changed smoothly from one color to the next, the attendees’ clothes changed too. Soon, a white blouse was transformed into a rainbow of colors, slowly melding into the art, while also becoming its own piece. It was mesmerizing, yet subtle, captivating, yet minimalistic.

It said a lot about how art is everywhere around you, without you always realizing. It created a separate world from the concrete jungle in which we live, one of fascinating perspective and radiant inspiration. It made everyone look unreal, like they were constructed in the imagination of a dreamer. It accentuated their personal style with that of the artists featured; a harmonious concoction of simplicity and creativity.

It truly was a view to behold, and a perfect example of how art is all around. From all of us here at STRUT, we will certainly be looking forward to next year.

Author: Anna Clarke

Photographer: Jesse Greene