Primary Connotations

Two models. Two Weeks. One Hurricane. One credit card. It took all of that and a plethora of creative wrangling from all ends of expertise to bust out this stylized photoshoot.

I met Riaz, our photographer, through his open studio in the East End. He donated his business card to me and I offered styling services in exchange if he ever wanted them. Turns out he did.

We met. It was a fabulous session of firing off ideas, similar tastes and distastes, and inspirations that we culminated to form a cohesive image; a mood board if you will. With budget and time yielding the whip, our visual magic was created under a catalyst and pressure cooker of an unforeseen complication. Let’s call that Hurricane Harvey.

Nonetheless, we created a showcasing of ideas that intermingled fashion forward clothing that didn’t feel too gimmicky and cheap. I wanted to play with texture and simplicity. I didn’t want to feel withheld or overwhelmed by the amount you can do with those things.

Inspiration naturally came from saved pins on Pinterest. I was smitten with rudimentary form that never fail but incorporated a burst of propelled futuristic elements.

Riaz was fascinated with pleats, sheer fabrics, and structured garments. Let me tell you, the man had a lot of 1990’s Prada pinned.

The collaboration was distributed and communicated equally. Creating a brain child from a left and right brain in the aftermath of destruction wound up being as smooth as possible. I pulled Sabrina’s outfit from Zara, utilizing the texture of wool in her primary yellow skirt with the rough cut, sequined pocket on a simple tee. Jessica’s pleated shift dress and metallic bomber jacket came from H&M, the harmony dwelling with a forced A-line silhouette. Essentially, with textured hair and primary makeup expertly applied, the whole look came together as desired.

My future goal is to do an image transfer with these shots and create abstract mark makings around them. As for future collaborations, I see us all working together in one way or another! Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoy!



Hair: Cari Winegar with Vita Mutari Salon

Models: Jessica Zyrie & Sabrina Bispe

Makeup: Hannah Cooley

Photographer: Riaz Khan

Stylist: Aubrey F. Burghardt