The price of this jersey is ASTROnomical!

Well folks, we did it, the ASTROS won their first World Series Championship in 56 years of franchise history!

From Harvey to party, hundreds of thousands of Houstonians flooded the streets Friday afternoon as the City of Houston shut down to honor our World Series Champions!

And now, to top it off, Houston has a new holiday: Houston Astros Day!


In a sea of blue and orange ASTRO fan gear, one jersey shinned brighter than the rest, as the STRUT crew hit the streets of downtown Houston with one of the rarest ASTROS jerseys on the market to celebrate with the city!

This jersey completely embellished in sequins is a jaw dropping crowd stopper. Like, literally we could not get through the crowd without people stopping for pictures! After speaking with clothing historians in California, it’s being considered as a museum piece! Valued at well over $3000, this one of a kind jersey was found by local collector Sarah Woolery of Braxae in Spring Texas.

Sports and fashion typically are not connected. But a beautifully handcrafted rare piece can even turn a sport fan into a fashion admirer. What’s your team spirit worth to you!?


Photographer: Andrew Hemingway 

Wardrobe: Braxae

Model: Jenna Bracewell

Lighting: Blueprint Film Co

Author: Dre Forgotten