Modern Looks With A Vintage Twist

   In the fashion world of many silhouettes and aesthetics, it’s becoming a hard thing to discern item’s on the crowded racks and “on trend” mannequins. Luckily for us, Steve Guthrie and Vcheri have a little eye candy to help us along the right path. The hardest part about this, is that it’s more than just fit. It has “hug” the good lines and “shape” the rest. It also has to be one part pleasurable to the eye, one part fun, and most of all have the ability to be accessorized with your personal taste. Also… if you get really lucky, the garment has pockets!(which these do)
   The “devil is in the details” is next on the aesthetics checklist. Sometimes in mass produced clothing, lost is the art of the unseen but all knowing. It’s button’s that match the garment in fabric or style rather than some generic plastic. It’s a striped lining in a skirt that under most circumstances no ones sees, or a perfectly matched cape to take something to chicest level. Don’t forget about construction! Will it still be wearable a few years from now?
   The 33% Rule: Confidence.  I’m going to rock this attitude and the right accessories will make any outfit a fabulous one once all the other checks are checked. Yes it’s no secret that if something is designer it’s almost a right of passage to this, but that’s why I shop local or from smaller design houses. I get all the quality without breaking the bank. More so than that, you get special pieces that dare to be different in big or small ways.
   Lastly the remaining 1% is you. Whether it’s a black frock that fits beautifully, although not what you may be used to, or a leather skirt too playfully flirt with your naughty & nice side, it’s always you. Every day, every outfit, you decide where you need the extra point. It could be in confidence or in spending a few extra dollars to get a garment that will live on you more than with you. It’s always you. That being said none of this matters if what you’re wearing doesn’t say something about  who are you are as a person.
Photographer: Ray Kuglar of Blueprint Film Co
Stylist: Omar Lisandro