Color Me Bad

All the latest crazes recently have been centered around 90’s fashion. From chokers to slip dressed we have been submersed. One untouchable gem at the top of this decade has always been the colorblock jacket.IMG_7543

¬† Worn by everyone from Arsenio Hall to Salt N Peppa, this leather artifact has remained legendary since we first saw the 8 ball Jacket Spring of 1990. As a collector I’ve always thought that what makes them such icons is their sheer ability to raise the bar of any outfit or person you place them on. They say, “I love style, have something to say, I’m loud and proud, and aren’t afraid to show my colors.” A few of the jackets seen are the same as seen on a few TV show and music videos. If you happen to stumble across one in your local vintage shop or on eBAy, would you find yourself brave enough to rock one?

Author – Omar Lisandro

Photographer РJesse Greene 

Model – Jessica Zyrie