Fashion Show Pulls Through After Dress Code Fiasco

It’s less often than you’d think that a fashion show in Houston feels like you’re surrounded by the true admirers of the textile arts; but this wasn’t the case when attending The Project Fashion Show. Surrounded by dazzling men and women in mostly all black (more on that later) the vibe was filled with anticipation and frustration. The thing about fashion shows is that you only have a limited moment when you can capture your audience’s attention and when that moment’s passed it’s  passed.IMG_0606

That being said, forty-five minutes later the show started with the first designer Jamel Hawk.

Largely known for being a menswear designer, Hawk quietly previewed his inaugural debut into women’s sportswear. After attending a few of Hawk’s other showings I’ve come to expect his use of pattern play and mixed use of hard and soft textures. For this spring summer showing there was a healthier number of shorts and cropped pants. I only wish to see him a blur the lines of his comfort zone.

Next up was New Orleans designer Vcheri of which I’ve come to love, because she designs from a truly genuine female prospective. Her cuts are flattering in her entire size range and even the details of her pockets are thought out and placed perfectly. A welcomed sight was a short little black dress cut so beautifully it would make Tina Turners wardrobe roster. That said, a few of the patch works didn’t feel up to par with her normal spot on makings.


Thirdly, was Dieu Est a fashionable collection of embroidered and painted denim. The collection overall was an intriguing mix of renegade convention pieces that could make a welcome transition into to almost any fashionta’s or fashionisto’s wardrobe.

Last up was Greyscale. What started to be an exciting and well crafted use of vinyl  halters, pant sets, a skirt so well shaped it could look fabulous on anyone, and a hot off the shoulder jumpsuit, ended in a ghastly clear top that flattened a models breasts to the point of making them pecks, leaving a stark reminder that ready-to-wear, at its core, must be functional.

My lasting impression of the show is, what could have been an outright fiasco, was redeemed through the designers talent. With the choice to  enforce a dress code of all black, which had already tainted a few on goer’s evenings by making them stand in the cold when they didn’t show dressed in 100% all black, I was a little taken a back. I’m not opposed to dress codes but they have to be posted on the event page not in the confirmation e-mail after one has already made their purchase. There also wasn’t any introduction of the runway portion of the evening, simply the music was playing and all of  a sudden models started walking out. A simple MC’s introduction would have made a much needed resolve. That said, the night was not lost. The designers did their due diligence to make great showing of should be purchased clothing and there was a healthy dose of A list dressed people to pass the time.


Author – Omar Lisandro

Photographer – Jesse Greene