Houstonary 2.0


Yearly events are a fickle venture because the expectations are always high. If the event was sub par the expectation will be a better production and  if it was great, the attendees expectations will be far greater to please. Luckily  Houstonary most definitely took things to a whole new level only to leave the question, what will they do next year?

The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation and all around good vibes in their new home this year at the health museum. Delicious cocktails were plentiful and the house  packed with familiar faces to chat with and exhibits to explore pre runway.

With the perfect amount of time to simmer and mingle past a crystal clear announcement was made and shortly after and generally on time the runway started.

First up the styled looks of blogger/Stylist Heather Garcia. For those who don’t know Heather her style is bold and embracing. Dawning the runway were fabulous flowing silhouettes with massive statement necklaces, pattern play, color blocking and darning headpieces. An absolute feast for the eyes with a healthy dose of shock value to spice up an other wise conservative Houston,

Next up Designer Gin Martini

There comes a time when every designer sheds a new skin and presents a collection that dawns a new era in their house and Martini’s latest collection was exactly that. Gone are the cheeky anti fashion club kid  pieces to make way for stunning sets in holographic fabric and playful touches of faux fur. The styling spot on the fit phenomenal and the collection embodied the designers playful nature but with a much more here to stay take it or leave it stance. She is definitely a designer to keep your eye on.


To close the evening with a bang was none other than Luisa fer Nadarajah

Avant garde took a new form by way of seat belts, automotive fuses and other motoring parts as the designs hit front and center on a well executed H shaped runway. There were wings,huge shoulders, billows of tool and a genuine intrigue for a mind who could be so creative to re purpose car parts in way we could never imagine.

To say the least the night went fantastically. The models selected brought their A game,the creative direction was fluid, the host engaging and the designers leaving little to be desired. It just goes to show you don’t need dress codes or attitudes to have a great runway show. You just have to remember to put fashion first and the rest goes down like a smooth drink at the end of a good day.

Author: Omar Lisandro

Photography: Jesse Greene