Danny Nguyen Couture NYFW 2018

Danny Nguyen Couture NYFW 2018

Houston designer Danny Nguyen gave NYFW a peek at what he’s been working on and the people were not disappointed. On a wintry Friday night in New York I found myself traversing Manhattan on my way to see what the Houston local had lined up for New York Fashion Week, but before we get into the clothing which proudly speaks for itself lets talk about the organizers for a second.


So there’s this “Thing” some designers, and event organizers like to do and its called “Creating anticipation” This is where you find yourself standing outside a venue waiting to get in thinking you’re going to walk into some kind of fully immersive Cirque Du Soleil type of environment, and in some cases this can be true, but not always. So with that being said after waiting outside about 30 minutes, we were let in to an event space that was totally full, meaning yes… I got there on time and waited outside only to enter a full room where my seat had been taken. Evidently the organizers decided, lets not let anyone leave, and  not think about the attendees for the 9:00 show. However, a full house is still a full house, so I was happy to be there and watch Houston shine. Also… big shout out to Candice Cuoco for doing a really nice showcase prior.

One thing that I liked about this particular collection was the flow of the garments. I haven’t been to many of Danny’s shows but for me one thing I always look for is the airiness and flow of a garment. For his women’s garments he did not disappoint by using more flowing fabric than I’ve seen prior while still keeping it somewhat form fitted in the tradition of his line inspiration. Imagine a really cute romper that could double as an evening gown, and some could potentially be dressed down to street fashion. The other thing I liked about the femme pieces was the minimalism. I felt like they were really minimal, but the colors and metallic elements enhanced the aesthetic qualities of the dresses. I think without the strong color pallets and sequin like metalics the pieces would say nothing at all and that’s what I appreciate about it. The dresses were minimal but not minimal at the same time. He didn’t try too hard to outdo himself and it made a great runway presence. The menswear was enjoyable as well, but failed to shine against the shadow that his women’swear cast. That being said, he had a real dope grey three-piece suit with pink buttons that I definetly looked twice at. His teal is always dope as well. The men’s garments to me definetly felt more tailored and embellished.


I can definitely say the show was worth the 30min wait, but the organizers could do a lot better about circulating the crowds and accommodating attendees for the following shows. Congratulations Danny Nguyen on a dope NYFW Showcase, hopefully we will see this collection in Paris Fashion Week soon!

Author: Jesse Greene

Photographer: Jesse Greene