Top 5 Affordable Places To Buy All Your Rodeo Gear

1. Retropolis

Retropolis Houston

Entryway of Retropolis Houston

This 5000sqft vintage oasis houses a staircase lined in cowboy boots, plus more than 20 individual little shops that make up one huge store. What that means is there a copious amount of variety from 40’s and 50’s western wear, to stone washed denim dusters. Each section has its own vibe and price point making it easy to find some cool garbs if you’re willing to really dig in and look.

2. Pavement/Leopard Lounge

Western Gear At Pavement

Western Wear at Pavement Houston

This two halves of a good thing is a  Montrose gem that  boasts a unique shopping experience seeing that it’s two stores in one location. At Pavement you can find slim fit western shirts, jeans and a host of crop tops and flannel for a modern western look. In Leopard Lounge they take all things vintage, thus having a huge selection of 70’s and 80’s embroiderer shirts, as well as boot cut and bell bottom jeans for a retro style look.They also have some of the coolest sunglasses and t-shirts to complete your outfit.

3. El Bambi

El Bambi Houston

El Bambi

El bambi  is where things get more curated. Don’t let the smaller store front deceive you this place is packed with denim as far as the eye can see as well as the greatest hits from past points of fashion. They have the unique aspect of having an in house seamstress who can cut and tailor things to fit exactly the way you wnat them.They also boast a cool selection of shoes for the not so boot wearing cowgirl.

4. Flamingos


Vintage Rodeo Gear At Flamingos

Flamingos thrift being by the pound means if you play your cards right you might you steal a cheap deal. The selection is some vintage and moderately modern. With two store a block apart they have a large selections of bright Aztec prints, a scarf bin, and a rack full of fringe jackets. A little elbow grease might reward you with a bargain treasure.

5. My Flaming Heart

My Flaming Heart Vintage Boots

Vintage Boots at My Flaming Heart in Houston

My Flaming Heart is where things get unique! They carry their own line of his and her western shirts cut in quirky, oh so cool, fabric using vintage patterns. A dynamic duo can be the best dressed at the rodeo in set of his/her shirts. They’ve also became the next haven of vintage boots (due to the closing of Texas Junk) and carry a stunning collection of bolos and one a kind jewelry to satisfy the pickiest of persons.

So now you know what the best dressed shoppers in the city know! Each of these places has something for everyone’s taste just remember to have fun and take your time.
Happy hunting!
Author: Omar Lisandro
Photographer: Dick Clarke