MASHAMA AW18-19 Paris Fashion Week 2018 By Jesse Greene


“No, I’m the real thing” – Mima, Perfect Blue

MASHAMA’s AW18 collection is dedicated to and inspired by Satoshi Kon’s 1997 anime film ‘Perfect Blue’. The films’ protagonist, Mima and her split personalities, aptly represents the MASHAMA multi-facetted woman of today – sparking the collection’s many layers.

MASHAMA both protects and projects a tender but strong woman who uses clothing as her armor, underlining the brand’s renown DNA.

Exaggerated hoods, round shapes, deconstructed big forms, and voluptuous cuts, sculpt the MASHAMA impenetrable shield. Innovative high-tech materials, sci-fi fabrics and new production techniques further optimise the ideal outdoor buffer in big body- warming puffers, inside-out anoraks and a changing-colour chameleon coat.

Details include Japanese heat absorbing patches, pressed jointing and extensive gore- tex.

This collection also marks MASHAMA’s introduction of denim, and soft metallic chaining in exquisite couture fabric beautifully completes the designer’s ode to gentle protectionism.

**Images and write up courtesy of MASHAMA**