Agnès b. FW/PFW 2018


A collection under the highlights of gentleness… anachronistic? Certainly… but I don’t care! Long live gentleness! those of materials, of light or deep studied colors.

A collection aimed at young girls, and at women who know how to keep their style personal and Parisian at the same time… they can be in Paris, London, Tokyo, Taiwan, as well as Hong Kong or Amsterdam!!

A collection under the sign of friendship, the one I have for my artist friends… musicians, artists who are with me. We present the collaboration with my friend Nekfeu… as well as the garments created by Laure-Hélène Vaudier, this season’s stylist guest.

Each season, for a few years now, agnes b. has invited a young designer to present their work during the Agnès b. defile.

These designs always bear the name of the young designer on a special label.

For winter 2018, a young stylist illustrator, Laurie-Hélène Vaudier, who presents 6 silhouettes, which pale colors, fluid materials and light forms evoke certain romanticism. First misleading impression… native of St Etienne, rough miming city, the work and the independence are values dear to Laurie-Hélène and her models are all appropriated to an active model life !

Inspirations are diverse: À use Passante, Baudelaire’s poem… a dress floating in the wind while walking… L ‘amant, Marguerite Duras’s book… the girl with man hat and ball shoes… and I ‘huere du café.

Courtesy of Agnés b.