Greetings friends! Spring is here and what better way to start things off in style than another episode of Runway Houston! This season we find ourselves in a new location, new designers, and of course new obstacles, which are always an interesting element to the whole Runway Houston/fashion show experience… At least for me. If you’re not entirely familiar with Runway Houston I’ll definitely provide an official description for you.

You don’t have to close you’re eyes and imagine (if you don’t want to) because there are pictures but the stage is set… This year the venue was outdoor at The Residences at Kirby which is a really cool, newly constructed space, perfect for this type of event.  However, with the weather getting tricky, a little drizzle was our only unexpected guest and fortunately it didn’t slow down the production at all. I think one of the plus sides to the outdoor venue was the raw space element and the colorful palette the guests wardrobe provided that took a rather cold industrial space and turned it into a bustling canvas of beautiful faces and fabrics. The vibe was very Miami club life, and the use of light floral color and mannequin installation, by Danny Nguyen, really reinforced that mood. Alantude gave us something to fight over with a nice installation of his newest collection that uses a lot of deep red and gold embellishments with a golden glove boxing theme. I really liked the black red and gold combo, and all the fits were loose and breathable- conducive to spring.

The overall runway show was a nice mix of contemporary and classic pieces along with some really great menswear styles, and I enjoyed the variety in the model looks and ages. Lately were seeing a lot of new ideas and concepts being introduced into the fashion world in terms of model “Types” so its nice to see new faces on the runway.

More about Runway Houston.

 Runway Houston was founded in 2011 in an effort to give emerging local designers and artists a platform to unveil their work to a large and diverse demographic. Now expanded to twice a year the production has started including designers from around the country to present a fresh take on a fashion show presentation. As a photographer in the social scene for many years our founder and creative director found that there was a huge gap and opportunity to produce a fashion show that didn’t target just one demographic. He created Runway Houston as an outlet to present something different by infusing different genres of art for an all encompassing experience open for all to experience.

In addition to the traditional runway experience, attendees are also able to preview art and fashion collections in special installation areas prior to the runway show.

Since its inception, Runway Houston has maintained its philanthropic roots raising funds for various non-profits including the American Cancer Society, the Houston SPCA, Houston Children Give Back, Heart to Heart Animal Rescue, Crime Stoppers of Houston, Yellowstone Academy, the Children’s Assessment Center, Houston Area Women’s Center and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

And of course all we all know the saying “All good things must come to an end” but for some reason the Strut crew does not go by those rules so we decided to stroll on over to Chapman and Kirby for the after party cocktails and shenanigans.

It takes a lot of work to put together events, especially fashion events that require the coordination of a LOT of people. For a few years now I’ve attended Runway Houston and I’ve seen the work that Omar Marcos and his team put in, along with the designers and the models, in an effort to create something that’s not only fun and exciting, but also meaningful. I can confidently say that this season’s showcase was yet another edition to the exciting episodes of cocktails, art, fashion, and philanthropy that can be summed up in two words- Runway Houston.

Photos by Jesse Greene