The Mystic Forest Fashion Experience – Runway Review

Hosting a fashion show in the forest, in the middle of Houston summer may not be the first choice for show organizers. However, delivering on their motto’s promise “Dare To Be Different”, WWCP (When Worlds Collide Productions) decided to take on the task.

The venue was the Houston Arboretum which is essentially a forest in the middle of the city. Aside from the biggest challenges of the Houston heat and humidity, the next one was the production and staging of the show. Playing off the theme of “mystic forest”, production was done fairly well. The whole runway – which had to be a few hundred feet long – did have a bit of a fantasy feel with subtle glows of blue, and violet lighting along the runway. Additionally, the strings of warm lights – almost resembling the glows of fireflies – gave it a nice finishing touch.

The four designers of the evening were: Miles David, Isrel Fonseca, Danny Nguyen and Engomichu. A nice selection of very familiar and big names in the Houston fashion scene.

Miles David
Perhaps the most different of the four designers was Miles David. The flowy, monochromatic, and elegant silk designs was a graceful introduction to the show.

Isrel Fonseca
Isrel Fonseca’s collection featured very vibrant, tropical colors, with sort of summer vacation feel.

Danny Nguyen
Danny’s collection ranged from vibrant, watercolor-like patterns, to elegant baroque-style embroidered gowns.

Last in order was Engomichu. Primarily from his “Terreno” collection, Luis proudly displays his Peruvian roots with a traditional style inspired by his country.


The four designers showcased their strengths fairly well, and all four collections complemented the venue’s theme. It was certainly an interesting choice of venue during during the summer, but the execution was good despite the environmental challenges. WWCP continues to deliver and raise the bar of Houston fashion shows.