Esé Azénabor Couture Fashion Show

The recent Esé Azénabor Couture fashion show, hosted at The Revaire and organized by D’Concierge was beautiful on all fronts. Starting with the venue, this is really one of the most beautiful venues I have attended not only for a fashion show, but for any event. The flow of the show – which I presume was all organized by D’Concierge – was exceptionally smooth. And the bridal designs by Esé Azénabor were amazing.

It is not often the case that the different parts of a fashion show complement each other so well. The amount of preparation that must have gone into putting this show together really showed with how well it carried out. Firstly, the architecture establishes a great setting. It is hard to describe, but it feels like a modern, luxurious, industrial palace.

The show started with interviews of all the parties involved. First, with Alex Blett of The Revaire talking about the background of the venue. Secondly, with Darryl Wilson Jr. of D’Concierge who coordinated the event. And lastly, with designer Esé Azénabor with a bit of background on her bridal line of designs. The interviews were a nice touch as it added context and a storyline to the event.


Esé Azénabor’s bridal collection does not hold anything back. The variety of creativity to fulfill her goal of the empowered woman is very clear. The traditionally feminine designs of lace and sheer fabrics are done in a way that the gowns resemble armors of lace. Along with the traditional gown, Esé also makes use of masculine designs of suits and jackets that play off the concept of the modern woman with a very fitted and sculpted silhouette. All designs done with mastery of art and fashion


The flow and execution of the show was really impressive, but it was not perfect. The lighting needed attention as there was no additional lighting to properly light a runway, in particular the end. And there were a few, very minor hiccups with the audio. Regardless, everything else was done so well that these issues can be excused. I am confident they will be addressed, and I am very excited for future fashion shows in this venue.