El Sassa Collection Debut

I contacted “El Sassa” for comments on his fashion debut, but I have not heard back.

Radio host “El Sassa” made his fashion debut Sunday night, accompanied by other designers and boutiques from the Hispanic community. The two other designers being Juan López known for his bridal and quinceañera gowns, and Mary Santibañez Couture also known for bridal and evening gowns. The opening collections were from local boutiques: Glam Boutique, Reactiva Sport, and TX Hats & More.

While “El Sassa” might not be a name we recognize within the niche of the Houston fashion scene, he certainly did not hold back. Not only was it his debut into the fashion world, but he hosted and organized the whole event. There was a dinner, music performances, an award show, and the fashion show itself. And while it may seem like a little too much for a fashion show, there were no problems or major stutters. It just meant it was a long event.

As mentioned in the beginning, I did not receive a response from “El Sassa”. So I am not sure about the name(s) of the following collection(s). However, judging from the range of styles, colors, patterns, and designs, I assume they are multiple collections. Aside from that, I can’t really talk about the looks without some background information from him as there were a lot of them. Here are his highlights from the runway:

“El Sassa” has said he will be hosting another show in November which will be bigger and better than this first one. I don’t doubt it as this one was fairly good. The production value was good. The stage was very well done – there’s no need to mess with that. The audio was almost flawless, but the lighting does need more attention. It was a little too uneven and harsh. However, I really do look forward to the next show. It’s certainly refreshing to have a newcomer in the Houston fashion scene filled with such energy and enthusiasm.