Marilyn Vibes With Constandina LeRoy

I met Constandina LeRoy in March of 2018 at the runway of “Fresh Off The Rail” fashion week. We did not talk much at the shows, but I did manage a few pictures of her which I sent her throughout that week. One month later in April, we did our first shoot. It was a mix of looks from sporty, to business casual. Since then, the number and styles of looks we have shot is a blur. But for this feature, we decided to play off her Marilyn Monroe-esque looks. Or as the kids say, “vibes”.

Originally, from Detroit, Michigan, Constandina has lived in Houston for the last few years. And in that short time, she has grown and become – in my opinion – one of Houston’s best fashion models. During the last three years, she has modeled and walked for some of Houston’s high fashion designers such as Danny Nguyen and Negris Lebrum, to more alternative designers such as NewBox and Gin Martini Designs.

Constandina gets her looks from a primarily Greek and Polish background. She is often associated with having Marilyn Monroe-like characteristics, but I wanted to stay away from the iconic white dress and instead do a modern interpretation of Marilyn’s personal style.

About a week before the shoot, I sent some pictures of Marilyn Monroe that I really liked. The following Monday, Constandina went shopping and assembled these three styles. I think she did a great job styling and matching the examples I sent, and adapting them to a modern time.


During the shoot, I also really wanted to keep the candid nature I associate with Marilyn’s photographs, which I think we nailed. To be honest, I really do not know how Constandina studies or prepares her poses and expressions but I am still amazed at how effortless she makes it seem.

In the end, I think we are both very happy with how this shoot came out. I don’t often feel like I can predict the future, but I do think Constandina may be one of the next, world-famous fashion models.