Mental Fashion & Art Show 2018 – Runway Review

The second, annual “Mental Fashion & Art Show” took place in the furniture store Mid In Mod. The featured designer and organizer was NewBox, and the designer list consisted of: Greenwear Designs, Kamkay Couture, Kameereo Crisp, Maison De McIntyre, and Risk Is Key. The designers list was a mix of alternative and street-wear styles, with a couple of designers more on the “couture” side of the fashion spectrum.

The venue itself lent itself to a relaxed seating arrangement which complemented the overall theme of the event. The seating consisted of the furniture on display, and the runway was set around the furniture with multiple checkpoints, which worked well. Unfortunately, there were two major factors that did not work in the favor of the show. The first and most critical was the lack of air conditioning.

The venue was hot, really hot, and nobody seemed to know what had happened to the A/C. I understand this is something out of the hands of the coordinator, but being in Houston, it certainly had a very negative effect on the experience. Secondly, there was no lighting for the runway. The audio worked fine, but there was no lighting to set a different tone or mood, a little bit of a different lighting setup would have come a long way.

The show had a very good designer set, great and experienced models, and the overall “vibes” of the event were fun and relaxed. However, the unfortunate lack of A/C and lack of lighting are factors to be addressed and cautious of for next year’s show.

Here are the highlights of the runway for each designer, in order of reverse-appearance:













Despite some of the negative points, I did enjoy the event and a lot of fun people from the fashion scene showed up and stayed despite the heat. Happy to see that sort of support, and we all look forward to the next one in 2019.