The STRUT Houston Fashion Calendar

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The most common thing we get asked at STRUT is, “where can I find out about fashion shows”? And yes it is a problem, there is no centralized source to find all the different fashion shows and events. Keeping up-to-date often involves browsing hashtags, looking through different event websites and word of mouth within the fashion scene. Enter our fashion calendar.

The STRUT fashion calendar is an aggregate of most, if not all, public fashion events that anyone can attend. Some shows require a ticket purchase, but there are plenty of free fashion events and runways also listed on the calendar.

The navigation and viewing of the calendar is fairly simple, but there are three categories we focus on, runway shows, general fashion events, and editor’s choice. Out of the three, “Editor’s Choice” takes precedence over the other two. Editor’s Choice events are events we highlighted based on the organizer’s reputation, production quality, etc.

So have a look at our calendar! It’s on the main navigation menu or click HERE
And if we missed your event, let us know and we’ll add it at: