Presenting the STRUT Houston Style Journal!

Houston being the 4th largest city in the United States, and housing close to 100 foreign consulate offices, we have some of the most diverse people and fashion in the country. From the traditional dress of our many different cultures, to the upscale style of our socialites, and the alternative-style of our subcultures, we have just about every fashion style represented. To document this diversity and creativity among Houstonians, we have started the STRUT Houston Style Journal.

This journal will be an ongoing, yearly project in which we capture the individual Houstonian’s fashion sense and personality. Throughout the year we will visit different events and Houston areas, along with hosting some of our own shows and casting calls to photograph as many fashion styles and personalities as we can.

To start this project, we recently crashed the “high fashion” meetup in downtown Houston. This meetup, coordinated by Bernard Productions and fashion designer Rocky Boston, took place just a few weeks ago in the Jones Hall area. Many photographers and models met to create some fashion-style photography inspired by a “high fashion” look. Models arrived in their own style so we decided to borrow a few as the meetup began, here are some of the personalities:



We have also created a new Instagram feed which you can follow HERE