2018 All White Charity Fashion Show

The annual All White Charity Fashion Show is not only to showcase some of the best local fashion, but it is also for a good cause by benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Within the current social climate, suicide prevention is a very important matter which should have a lot more attention. To help garner some of that attention, the local designers invited were some of the best.

This annual event set in the Galleria’s Hotel Derek, was very promising. With the likes of Houston designer Danny Nguyen, the show was off to a good start. The full designer set included Alexandria Lee Designs, Britney Newman, and John Lee Clothier.

However, despite the very respectable designer set, the show did experience a few difficulties. From time delays, to audio malfunctions, and unideal lighting conditions, these factors did have a negative effect on the overall experience. Personally, I can forgive everything, but as a photographer I can not excuse the lack of lighting. Aside from the negative factors, the fashion was very good, in particular the gowns of Gwen Davis of Alexandria Lee Designs.

Here are the fashion highlights of the evening:

Alexandria Lee Designs (by designer Gwen Davis)

Danny Nguyen

Britney Newman

As a last note, I am not sure if the models for John Lee Clothier received different instructions, but I was unable to photograph the collection due to how close they were to the media pit.