Risk Is Key – The Revolt

For the Spring/Summer 2018 season, Houston fashion designer Vernell Moore Jr. (of Risk Is Key [RISKeY]) released the Revolt Collection earlier this year. In Vernell’s own words, the collection is inspired by a military influence and a casual and rebellious style. With this view, I was given the creative freedom to style my interpretation for this collection.

Taking the main inspiration from the military-styling, I decided to play off a sort of “jungle soldier” look. The main location picked was the Houston Arboretum, and the items being featured are: the signature t-shirts, the green camo pants, the black keytone swimsuit, and the riske cross-body bag.

Risk Is Key is a unisex lifestyle brand that is built on the notion that one should be brave enough to live one’s life by not being fearful to be one’s self, by rejecting the status quo and following one’s dreams even in discomfort.

For the second location I took off to downtown Houston for a more street look, but still inspired by the military styling. The collection not only does it lend itself to a lot styling freedom, but also to a lot creative, photographic interpretation, in particular with the camo pants.

In conclusion, Vernell continues to strive and explore the boundaries and labels placed on us in our everyday lives through fashion. Risk Is Key is streetwear for young men and women who have the courage to step outside the norm.