Sanaz Ekhlassi – Technibird Collection

The Technibird Collection (S/S 2019) by Houston designer Sanaz Ekhlassi was launched this past weekend, a collection inspired by nature and complexity. From the promotional material such as the teaser images and video, it all featured a digitized hummingbird. The Technibird. In the designer’s own words:

The collection is inspired hummingbirds, digital sounds, and shapes. The inspiration is derived from my love of nature and its complexity – namely the way a hummingbird looks and moves so gracefully but the reality is a much more rapidly beating movement of the wing. This is where I draw the parallel between what is perceived and what is seen or felt in a sequence of sounds, beats, and patterns.

Knowing that, I am left in a state of mystery, wondering if I am fully appreciating these designs. Because at the macro level, I can see and appreciate the individual garments, the colors, the materials, and the fit. However, at the micro level, there is a world hidden within the beautiful and intricate hand-placed patterns and shapes that I am not sure I have fully explored. Ekhlassi further adds:

Each color block was hand manipulated and aligned to create a digital landscape on the fabric, and depending on the placement it could convey different movement and energy (such as is seen in the finale gown).

As a photographer, I never really considered what goes on in the artistic mind of a fashion designer, what the process looks like or what fuels and drives that inspiration. But after my chat with Sanaz Ekhlassi on this collection, it is scary the amount of artistic depth and obsession that goes onto realizing each and every piece.

Here is the full Technibird Collection as presented:

Lastly, the event itself was perfect. From the impeccable sound and lighting production, show coordination, beautiful venue, and immersive experience, it was all flawless. This event alone was a great reason to not have gone to New York Fashion Week. Yes. It was that good.