Main Street Projects Presents: Ephemeral Instant

Last week I had the opportunity to attend “Ephemeral Instant” a group show featuring some of Houston’s up and coming creatives in the photography realm. As some of you know I’m big on art and photography so this was right up my alley and honestly was a little different than what I’m used to seeing these days.

The showcase was comprised of multiple artists and their approach to instant photography, this basically means all the work was comprised of images shot on Polaroid cameras or using instant film. This is a really great concept to me because it shows what people can do using minimal tools and on the fly. However one of the nice things about the installation was the location itself which really complemented the mood of the photos and provided a nice soft lighting that made the event a little more mellow, and elegant than some of the other showcases  I’ve been to that are more about the party element.

Unfortunately from what I know the show only ran for a limited time but I would definitely recommend keeping these artists on your radar! Here’s a little more about the event and some of the artists themselves.

Main Street Projects is proud to present “Ephemeral Instant” — a group exhibition that surveys the creative pursuits of six Houston photographers making artwork via the ever-evolving medium of instant photography. Through respective practices of still life, candid, and fashion photography, installation, and multi-media sculpture, the emerging artists featured in “Ephemeral Instant” demonstrate a variety of methodologies through which they reinforce instant photography as a relevant and tenable contemporary photographic medium.

Featured Artists:
Jessi Bowman
Theresa Escobedo
Junior Fernandez
Ryan Francisco
Brenda Franco
Maureen Penders

 Rye Francisco

Rye Francisco attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts majoring in Theatre. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Photocommunications from St. Edward’s University with Magna Cum Laude honors. Francisco hopes that her body of work will invite viewers to find their own hidden connections with her photographs. Encouraging viewers to create their own stories and slowly witness the play of illusion that is correlated into some of her work. Francisco style of photography is very open because she is inspired by a wide variety of things. She is obsessed with natural light, finding something worth capturing when meeting new people, and finding random objects or locations that she thinks are worth sharing with others.

Brenda Edith Franco
Born and raised in Houston, TX, Brenda Edith Franco uses image, video and mixed media installations to explore relationships, psychology, and the experience of being a first generation American of Mexican and Honduran descent. By observing cultural norms, iconic imagery, she creates narratives based around ideas of loss, self-analysis, and the fluidity of identity.

These large mosaics pay homage to communities that are often in the margins of society yet are the very ones that feed us and add to melting pot a much-needed flavor in more ways than one.


Junior Fernandez De Armas

Junior Fernandez De Armas is a Cuban Queer artist. Having spent most of his childhood in Havana, Cuba and then moving to the states as a teenager, he developed an awareness for place and the fragmentation of his identity. His work is concerned with the archive’s relationship with memory and the queering of such concepts. Through the use of his own familial archives he attempts to re-enact the past in order to imagine alternate spaces of queer possibility. Although his practice is mostly photographic, he considers himself an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores a variety of media including sculpture and installations. Junior is a senior at the University of Houston working on his Photography/Digital Media BFA.


Jessi Bowman

Jessi Bowman is a photographer and curator based in Houston, TX. Her interest in photography began at an early age, leading her to pursue a degree in Art History and Photography at the University of Houston. She has juried exhibitions for United Photo Industries, contributed to “spot Magazine,” worked with FotoFest International, and previously served as Exhibitions Manager at Houston Center for Photography where she curated the show “Sight Lines” in 2016. Jessi is also the founder and co-producer of FLATS, a pop-up photography exhibition series that showcases local artists. Her passion for photography and local photo communities has led her to collaborate with organizations that focus on bringing art into non-traditional spaces.