Talking Fall With Fem And Lynn

So as we all know fall is finally here! Its time to bust out those stylish hoodies, cozy oversized sweaters, and your favorite light jackets as we switch over to looking hot in the cool Texas fall. I met up to chat with with Femke and Lynn, two of Houston’s many fashion and lifestyle influencers, about fall fashion, who they are and what some of their go-to closet items were. We also decided put a few simple fashionable looks together ourselves. These too-cool, sexy, modern, and vintage looks can be a source of inspiration for someone new to styling as well as the seasoned fashion enthusiast looking for a new approach.

Talking Fall with Fem and Lynn

JG: So fall is right around the corner are you guys excited? For me there’s always a lot of room for expression in the fall and winter when it comes to fashion, what are you excited about?

FEM: I’m from the Netherlands were it is colder and more rainy throughout the whole year. Houston weather feels as summer for me so I’m happy I can finally wear my jackets, long pants, hats and scarves again. Specially hats are my favorite accessory during the ‘colder’ Houston days.

I am always excited when it comes down to fashion, no matter the season. Each season has its own unique opportunities to express yourself differently. I do admit, given the heat here in Texas, it is sometimes more challenging to find something breezy, fashionable and appropriate for certain occasions. Therefore, I am the most excited to be able to wear my jackets, flare jeans and boots again. I Have loads of different jackets and boots waiting for me!


JG: What is the one piece of clothing you always go to as a comfort piece for a cool fall evening in Texas?

FEM:In Houston you need to wear layers because outside it could be nice but the airco inside can be freezing. In fall season I love to wear warm fall colors and upgrade my outfit with a hat or scarf. A cool statement panty can also do the trick with a simple dress and my biker boots or pump and sexy skirt.

LYNN: My ‘comfort’ pieces aren’t that fashionable, as I love to wear my oldest sweatpants and tee shirt when I’m at home ;-). Don’t we all? On a cool fall evening out, I would probably wear an oversized long sleeve maxi dress, a large scarf, booties and bring one of my comfy jackets/vests in case I need it.

JG: In terms of color what do you usually gravitate to? What colors make you feel like you’re outshining the basic look?

FEM: In general I’m a big fan of leopard print, sneakers and I’m in love with the California 70s style. I have a lot of black basics but always try to combine it with a statement print, shoe, accessory. If the weather is nice I usually wear more natural tone colors because this matches my natural blonde hair color. I like to combine basic items that are not ‘obvious”, so a little fancy black dress with sneakers for example. I also had a photobooth back in the day, so I still have a lot of glitter vintage jackets that I love to wear.

LYNN: My favorite colors are red, white and turquoise, however; often people underestimate the power of accessorizing. You can be dressed in black from head to toe and wear a great statement earring, shoe or hat that will outshine the basic look for sure. Note: You will rarely see me without lipstick and nail polish (preferably red or pink)!

JG: So even though fall is around the corner its still HOT in Texas, what would you consider to be a comfort look in this heat? I usually throw on a tee shirt and some shorts but what do women wear to be a bit more fashion forward? What works for you?

FEM: A heavy printed or colored scarf is an easy win. It can upgrade your outfit and keeps you warm or protected from mosquitoes at the same time. I’m also a big fan of the cotton printed long pants with a simples shirt and wedges, because a skinny jeans is a brave challenge in Houston no matter what season.
LYNN: This is a tricky question as it all depends on how hot it is, the occasion and body type. Generally speaking, sticking to the fall/winter fashion, I would go for a colored jean/short dress, statement belt, comfortable heels/wedges, a basic top and of course: accessorize with jewelry and hair pieces.
Tip: always wear layers during fall/winter as temperature can drop and rise within hours.

Talking Fall with Fem and Lynn

JG: So tell us a little about your background, where are you from? What got you into fashion?

FEM: I’m from Amsterdam and moved to hot Houston 3 years ago.The style in Amsterdam is more urban, uni-sex and down to earth. So I learned to step up my game here in the United States. For example, over there women often go out with flat sneakers or boots and jeans so we can dance all night. Here more women wear high heels and tight dresses and create more magic with makeup and hair. So when I started to do more modelling I upgraded my wardrobe and taught myself the wonders of makeup. I’m a festival event manager and sometimes it is harder for me to create a day to day look, than an over the top outfit for the performers.

LYNN: I’m originally from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have been living in Houston, TX for over two years and love the life I have created for myself. In terms of fashion, there is still a lot to gain, create and learn as amongst other things the culture, weather, and events in Houston aren’t always as fashion-forward.

As long as I can remember, I have had an interest in clothes, shoes, and jewelry – with a special interest in hats! There are little photos of me as a girl not wearing a hat or something similar looking. For many years I have had difficulties with my weight. It has always been challenging to deal with extra weight and not been able to just pick something from the rack that would fit me, nevertheless, this never discouraged me. I learned to look at different body types, play with lengths, colors, vintage and seasonal clothes and again the power of accessorizing. Although I appreciate haute couture, that’s where my passion for styling started; dressing people just like you and me. Everybody, no matter your size, length or age can look fabulous! It doesn’t have to be expensive or incredibly unique. It all starts with learning what fits your personality, what you want to bring across and what works for your body. The creative part will follow ;-).

Since a couple of years, I have my own Life Coaching practice – InnerBeyond Life Coaching – in which I help people to accomplish their goals and live a satisfied and purposeful life. Recently, I expanded my business with styling, as I believe that the external transformation can be as powerful as the international transformation. In my opinion, looking good equals feeling good which is extremely powerful for both yourself and your environment!

Talking Fall with Fem and Lynn

JG: We got some really great shots for this feature, out of the four looks we did which one do you think is the most versatile going into the fall season? What would be your advice for someone who’s new to the Texas heat in terms of staying comfortably dressed?

FEM: I loved the seventies looks. My personal favorites were the one with the yellow shirt and the black glitter dress. The glitter dress is beautiful and can be for day & night time but because of the longs sleeve tight arms is was pretty warm. But I think the black jumpsuit is perfect for Houston starters. You can combine it with sneakers and a bandana or baseball cap during the day and with a statement pump and big hair during the night.
My biggest advice for newbies that move to a hot city, have a spear shirt in your car, bring a scarf and don’t wear cheap materials or something to tight. I also would send your gray t-shirts with temporary retirement, that is winter material only :-).

LYNN My favorite outfits for fall are the ‘seventies look’ and the glitter dress. The striped flare, sneakers, crop top, and jeans jacket are very trending at this moment and perfectly wearable for fall temperatures in Houston. The dress has long sleeves; a high neck however is short and tight so the perfect ‘night out’ dress during fall!

Tip: Pay attention to the materials of your clothing and take precautions if you know you’re warm easily. For example, wear wider fitting clothes; minimize skin on skin action (such as tank tops where your arm and armpit touch and skirts/dresses if your upper legs touch), colored tops if you tend to have sweat marks. In addition, if you’re on the road a lot, make sure you have a backup outfit in the back of your trunk.


Talking Fall with Fem and Lynn


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