Wear Models: “Friday Night Lights”

Last weekend concluded the Wear Models fashion week. As part of the 7-day week, Friday night’s show “Friday Night Lights” featured 6 street-wear designers on the main floor. And during intermission, there were two live music performances by Ashly Toman and Tariq Aidid.

While I know the focus should be on the fashion, the production and coordination of this show was very impressive. The lighting fit the theme pretty well, the audio did not have any issues, and the show coordination was very smooth. Additionally, it is one of the few times I see a fashion show completely sold out!

There are still a few major fashion shows this fall season, but this is easily one of the best runways of 2018. Here are the highlights of the six designers in the order presented:

1ne Life Clothing Co.

Reckless Creativ


Royal Tribe

Finesse Gvng Clothing


The next Wear Models event “Eros” is set for February 14 next year. If the standard set for this show is an indication of their upcoming shows, I can’t wait to see what they have planned for 2019.