Interview With Fashion Blogger Sandra Leiva

As part of my fashionista interview series, I recently got in touch with an old fashion-blogger friend. I met Sandra Leiva over a year ago. We would shoot and collaborate on ideas at least two times per month for her fashion blog and Instagram. And as time went on, I got to know her a bit more. A few months back, I remember her sharing she would be getting into fashion design in the near future.

Even though I have known her for over a year now, we never really went too personal on how she runs her blog and on the progress of her fashion design. So it seemed like a great excuse to get to know her more through this interview. We talked blogging, a bit of fashion design, and of course… Adidas.

A while back you told me you wanted to do your own runway, but I know you as a fashion blogger, is that how you would present yourself?

Right now, yes. I don’t consider myself a designer, yet. Until I do my first fashion show and present my first collection, that’s when I’ll start calling myself a designer.

If you are ultimately headed in the direction of fashion design and launching your own line, how did you get into fashion blogging?

I got into fashion blogging because I would always see bloggers on Instagram. It’s something I always wanted to do, so it just got to the point where I just started doing it. I started with doing redesigns since I felt like I needed my own niche.

But you do like blogging, right?

I do. I love blogging. I see it as a hobby, because I just love writing.

What is the biggest challenge in blogging for you?

It’s just being consistent and sticking to who you are. Every blogger has a style, but I think we’re all different whether it’s body type or writing style. For example, I try to cater more towards the curvy woman, because that’s my figure. So I try to style myself in a way that accentuates my curves.

In general, what is your favorite season for fashion.

My favorite season I think would be fall, because it’s cooler… well, not really here in Houston, but you know.

I asked you to bring two outfits in the style of spring/summer fashion. Tell me about your first outfit.

It’s an off-the-shoulder, floral top, and it’s form-fitting. I picked it, because again to accentuate my curves. Paired with distressed jeans, and heels. This is just totally me. I could wear something like this every day.

And what about your second outfit?

The second one is a long jumpsuit. Typically, I prefer rompers, but this one is long enough that makes me look taller. It has a low back, a plunge front, and it has pockets, which I love. And it’s super comfortable. I love it!

If you had to pick one outfit to wear for a full year – disregarding weather – what would the outfit be?

I am thinking some dark purple leggings, with some cute mesh inserts. I also love, love Adidas, like I want to be sponsored by them one day. Literally! So some Adidas, all white Adidas, and a cute long-sleeve, off-white crop top. And then my hair in a cute bun, with very natural makeup. And my Adidas, don’t forget my Adidas!

Lastly, for fun, what is your favorite color in fashion?

Purple! That’s just my favorite color overall.

If you had to build a four-color palette for an outfit, starting with purple, what would it be?

Purple, beige, a soft yellow, and white.

Well, that’s it! You’re alive.