Arrive in Alantude (Even if it Rains)

Alan Gonzales, Designer of Houston’s own Alantude has been making gorgeous dresses and menswear for years.


Alan did something different for these collections, instead of a Runway show, he put together an installation combining art, fashion and ambiance.


The first room was Strato-Nimbus, which according to Alan:
“The smell of rain as it approaches, watching the dark clouds form, and the hug of depression a rain cloud gives you is what inspired this fall collection. In the past six months, three out of my four best friends have gone through depression. Each hit in a different manner and each one with their own cloud over them. It was a learning experience not only for them to find a way out, but for me to see how I could help. This is what we want to talk about for this season, and this depression is what inspired the clothing. With grey and comfortable designs, Alantude plays with linen and fleece giving them over sized naturally draped silhouettes all dyed to look as if they just got rained on.”


The second room was Silver Lining, and by far my favorite room with the feel of the space. According to Alan:
“Even in the darkest moment of a storm, there is stillness in every drop. As the rain starts to pour, the collection moves into a flowing design. We’ve introduced a blue fabric with silver lines in it to look like rain streaks to our grey palette from before. Now you can feel the rain crashing over the dresses and the water feels cleansing to the depression we are experiencing. It’s still there, but instead of feeling overwhelmed you feel connected to it.”


The last room was one that felt victorious, which is fitting for the collection title of “After the Storm” which according to Alan:

“The sun will come out. I know times are rough, but winners don’t quit. So don’t you give up.” Every storm comes to an end, and though we know it will come again, the hope of a ray of sunshine is what keeps us going. In this part of the collection we are able to leave behind the clouds crushing us and truly find the ray of sunshine in ourselves. With clothing that exudes confidence, you will truly want to go everywhere and Arrive in Alantude. So bring out the 10 foot fur wraps. ”



The last walk was impressive as well, seeing all of the fashion in motion.

As with all Houston events, the crowd was super stylish!