Negris Lebrum – Époque Rosée 2019

Day 3 of Houston’s Fresh Off The Rail fashion week featured Negris Lebrum. Designer Travis Hamilton presented his Spring/Summer 2019 Époque Rosée collection, a collection inspired by the blues music of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Not only was this transitional period interesting in music, but a very important one for women’s fashion. Taking cues from this time period, Travis Hamilton featured combinations of pink, embossed fabrics, sequins, and striped patterns, all with a more relaxed fit which was a significant characteristic in women’s fashion during the 70’s.

The name for the collection was provoked by one of the primary fabrics used in this collection, the orange pink fabric with floral embossing. The presentation of the twenty-one looks was very interesting as I think it represented very well different aspects of the 70’s.

The first three designs featured a khaki pink, sequin-like fabric reminiscent of the disco era. The next designs were a bit more loose-fitting, with lighter fabrics similar to the bohemian style of the time. The following looks featured the orange pink fabric which inspired the name for the whole collection. The looks featured this bold color with a more androgynous feel which was also a major characteristic during that time. And last but not least, the last looks continue the combination of the previous with a more monochromatic feel, striped patterns and embossings, indicative of that time period.