Nour De La Garza – NDLG 1.0

Nour De La Garza, founded by Alexis and Luisa, recently released its debut collection titled “NDLG 1.0“. A collection representing the company’s values and inspirations. Driven by a focus on the working, modern woman, the collection values functionality as much as creativity and timeless style. In addition, a strong value in the company’s interest is strengthening and growing the local fashion community by entirely designing and manufacturing this collection here in Houston, Texas.

The creative side of this collection draws inspiration from a couple of fronts. The 1960’s influence can be seen in particular in the “Classic Lady Blouse” and “The Flower Stem Trousers“. The pants also display 1960’s undertones with culottes-style pants and a similar style leg-cut on the jumpsuit. And on a more personal level, the designs were also a culmination of inspiration from impactful women on the founders’ lives.

Personally, I like a lot of what Nour De La Garza is doing. I like the focus on local manufacturing, I love the classic and elegant styling of the designs, and the fabrics feel amazing. They would not tell me what’s in store for Spring 2019, but I have a suspicion that I’ll like it even more.


ModelKayla Payne, Taylor Payne

Hair & MakeupDominic Aleman, Alexis Kuri

StylistOmar Lisandro

ClothingNour De La Garza

JewelryErica DelGardo Jewelry Designs