The “After Dark” meetup was born out of the idea of an unsuccessful after-party. A couple of weeks back – after a fashion event being prematurely ended due to low attendance – a couple of models and I decided to head to the studio to continue our conversation and maybe do a bit of photography. Unfortunately, I did not have the studio key on me at the time. And from that, the “After Dark” meetup idea was born.

The concept of the meetup is simple. About once a month I’ll set up a theme, invite another photographer, and about 3-5 models. The main purpose of this “meetup” is to have some creative fun, and hopefully interesting pictures will follow. The theme for this one was a sort of “fall/winter coats” theme. The second photographer invited was Oxana, and the models were Victoria, Collin, Joseff, and Leixer. Victoria and Collin being the two original models of the unsuccessful after-party that started this meetup series.


Since I was the one that picked the theme, I had a head start on what I wanted the finished edits to look like. Originally, I wanted to go for a monochromatic, portraiture look with very high contrast, very deep blacks and very bright whites. And as you can see, that is not how the pictures ended up looking. I kept the standard, portraiture feel, but decided to skip on the high-contrast monochrome.

Oxana Volkova

Oxana on the other hand, went with more creative compositions and poses inspired by a more “high fashion” look. I really liked a lot of her compositions, so much that I probably won’t invite her again… She’s too good.

PhotographyMAVRICIOH, Oxana Volkova

ModelVictoria Brockhoeft, Collin Coats, Joseff White, Leixer Garcia