Tereza Suessman And The Creatures That Come Out At Night

¬†Just in time for Halloween! Tereza Suessman gives us her collaborative collection “Creatures Of The Night” With Houston artist Johnathon Michael Espinoza. Their creative vision was artistic and unique for what I’m used to seeing from Suessman, and Espinoza’s expression created a nice balance between the two distinct styles.
Imagine a night out in L.A., Miami, or even Spain, combined with a little Soho street art to create a goth-erotic look with a contemporary street wear colorway. Back in the late 70’s and 80’s hip hop scene a lot of “B-Boys” Would paint their jean jackets on the backs with their respected “Crews” It was generally stylized bright and character based. When I look at Espinoza’s work on Suessmans garments I get that same vibe with a more feminine influence.
 Overall the night was good although starting a little late there were good vibes, GREAT food, and some delicious cocktails over at the Winbern Mess Hall which was the hosting venue for the runway.
I would definitely consider this collection something to party in with a younger target audience who has an appreciation for fine art, sensuality and expression. Like I said if you’re going to a really nice consume ball, Halloween jam, or even a cool art show this collection might just be right up your freaky spooky fit.

For more about the artist Johnathon Michael Espinoza check out his instagram!

And you can keep up with Tereza Suessman here!

Happy haunting season my freaky friends!

Photos: Gerald Washington (Top) & Christopher Leslie (Runway)