2018 Texas Renaissance Festival Halloween weekend


Greetings friends! What better way to dive into Halloween than a trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival! Over the weekend we ventured out to Todd Mission, Texas into the mystical abyss that was “The Ren Fair”. Being that I’m not actually from Texas this was my first time attending something of this scale. Normally back home we have things like “Taste Of Chicago” Or “Rib Fest” But we still haven’t embraced our inner knight or pirate yet. This year one of the most unique things about the “Ren Fair” Was not only the atmosphere, but the energy people bring to the event.

Out of fear of death threat I wont call it a “Cosplay” environment, nor a “Larp” experience. “Cosplay” being dressing up like a video game character or Japanese cartoon character, and “Larping” is live action role play, which kind of lends itself to a Zelda/RPG (“RPG” Is role playing game) crowd.

One of the main reasons people are drawn towards the fair is probably the different creative expressions peole bring to the table. The wardrobes and costumes at the fair are generally time period based and lend themselves to a more theatrical crowd. For example there are different areas that cater to different themes. You could watch a joust, chill with some steam punks, wander a mystical forest of fairies, or just hang out with a bunch of pirates and everyone plays the role.

The marketplace was really interesting and had a lot of unique hand made goods that fit into the same theme. Things like walkng sticks, swords, fur tails, and elf ears were some of the more popular items people purchased but you could also do henna, or for the adults do a meade tasting or throw an axe for fun.

This particular weekend was a little bit special because it was Halloween weekend. This meant a lot more spooky, creepy, and fun costumes a little bit outside the theme but still fun for a weekend to show off your Halloween digs. This was a great event for families with children who want a fun easy way to entertain the kiddies on a saturday afternoon.


The Ren Fair is also a great place to just come dressed up grab a bottle of meade and just be a kid again yourself. Im not a huge fan of meade but they had beer and that was fine with me! Check out some of the faces and costumes we saw and if you have a free weekend I highly suggest checking it out. The Texas Renissance Festival runs from September 29 until November 25. Find out moreĀ  here about prices, directions, and general info.