Who You Missed At The STRUTitup Holiday Party

Since our inception three years ago, we here at STRUTitup have hosted a Holiday Party on the first weekend of December. This year was no exception! Traditionally we host at one of Houston’s local haunts, but much has happened this past year! We now have our own space at the new STRUT studios! With that in mind we decided to host in our new home. With help from Designer Danny Nguyen and his photo booth skills, collabs with artists like Forgotten Arts and Jesse Greene, displays by Magpies & Peacocks, photo wall by House of Savvy, and sounds by DJ duo En Funque the party went off without a hitch! I know I speak for the whole STRUTitup crew when I say we couldn’t have done it with all of you and your support over the years!

All that said… here’s a few pictures from William “Austin” Barker and Kevin Bailey!

William “Austin” Barker


Kevin Bailey