Designer Tereza Suessman And Artist Johnathon Michael Espinoza Give Us The Ominous Kloud

Greetings friends and fashion fanatics! Its Monday again and what better way to forget the day than a recap of the shenanigans. There were a lot of runways going on this weekend and not enough time to attend them all so I decided to check out the La Sopa event at Avant Garden which featured a runway showcase by two buddies of mine designer Tereza Suessman and artist Johnathon Michael Espinoza.

So how does one stay warm on a cold Friday winter night in Houston? Hit up a runway by Tereza Suessman. This fun colorful collection was a collaborative effort by Suessman and Espinoza also known as “The Ominous Kloud”. When the two creatives combine Ideas the outcome is what my artsy side would call “A vivid collage of design and imagery combined with an edgy sensual undertone” I would say this with my nose pointed very high by the way.

Johnathon Espinoza’s work combines some traditional painting techniques with more abstract pattern based designs as filler or a background noise of sorts. A lot of the collaborative efforts between them are presented in Espinoza’s painting contributions in contrast with Suessman’s clothing designs to create a bold, hand-crafted complementary feel. Some pieces might be more painting based while others are more design based. Both approaches use a nice balance or fine art and fashion design to create a unique and rather captivating piece of fine art apparel.

The runway was split into two acts. The looks ranged from hooded capes to swimwear and body suits with a focus on the creative painted expressions Espinoza has adapted to fabric. However the second act was a bit more focused on Suessman’s approach to fun party themed body suits and swimwear.


One of the things I enjoy about what comes out of “The Ominous Kloud” Collaborations is the fine art element and the almost re-purposing of Suessman’s older design concepts. I look at it as two artists going back to the drawing board to recreate something they felt needed more development. Its rare when artist can successfully collaborate but “The Ominous Kloud” put together something really nice and eye-catching.

I feel like fine art and fashion have always gone hand in hand and the integration of different genres is something necessary for growth. Just like street wear is making its way into mainstream and high-end fashion, fine art has its place as well and has for a while. The collaborative efforts of Suessman and Espinoza show us that Houston creatives are forward thinking, sonic, and willing to push creative boundaries.

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