In Conversation: Ezla Lewis Wants You to Drink More Matcha

“It was established January 4092, the owners came to the realization that the year 2019 was such a great year for fashion that they decided to create a time machine to go back in time and give the year 2019 a taste of resort. bringing clothes directly from the resorts luxury gift shop.”

During a recent trip to New York City, Ezla Lewis went to a brand’s presentation and fell in love.

“I liked the aesthetic of people interacting with each other,” he said.

Matcha Hills Resort, the recent collection from the local brand Palacose, features the use of canvas throughout “which inherits a sense of leisurewear.”

STRUTitup sat down with Lewis the day after the Matcha Hills Resort presentation to ask him about the collection and what’s next for Palacose:

STRUTitup: Are you wearing anything from the collection?

Ezla Lewis: Yes, I’m wearing one of the merch shirts and the Woodlin overcoat.

STRUTitup: Is it made of canvas?

Ezla Lewis: Yes, it’s 100 percent canvas. We call it the ultimate jacket for the on-the-move, modern, creative person. It features two large pockets on the right sleeve – to put your phone or pens, or whatever, really – and a padded collar. And, you can paint on it, since it’s canvas. If you got paint on it, it would look that much cooler; it would really elevate your look.

STRUTitup: Tell us about the presentation. What was the set-up like?

Ezla Lewis: Models, well “live mannequins,” were standing on Oakwood that I got from my friend’s lumber yard. I wanted to have a presentation instead of a fashion show because I feel like with fashion shows, I can never talk to my consumers, and I like talking to them.

STRUTitup: What does Matcha Hills Resort signify?

Ezla Lewis: When I lived in Japan, I used to go to a resort where only military kids could go, and every time I went, it made me want to have one of my own someday. Matcha Hills is my childhood replayed into modern times.


STRUTitup: One of the flyers at the presentation had a background story. Can you share that story with us?

Ezla Lewis: I was making up stories for Matcha Hills; I love making up stories because I feel like they’re cool to come with the collection. So, the ‘4092’ was accidental because I got a new film camera and it had the date, ‘92’ on it, so I thought, ‘oh, I’ll do ‘4092.’


STRUTitup: What does the collection consist of?

Ezla Lewis: Matcha Hills Resort has 24 pieces – we did two drops. There’s a jumbo tote bag with the logo embroidered, a camouflage clutch bag with a reflective logo, the canvas overcoat, a canvas vest, embroidered beanies and oh! We made a sherpa vest.

STRUTitup: A sherpa vest?

Ezla Lewis: Yes! It’s the first one we’ve ever designed and it’s so soft!

STRUTitup: How cozy! Can you tell us more about the camo clutch?

Ezla Lewis: It’s a fleece blanket I randomly saw while at Hobby Lobby and I asked our manufacturer if it could be made with a thicker fleece and to have more deer be seen. Inside includes a solid padded quilt fabric. So, overall it’s more durable.

STRUTitup: We’re loving all the canvas, especially the vest.

Ezla Lewis: It was inspired by my love for creating and my love for vests. We combined them and added pockets. It’s perfect!

STRUTitup: What made you want to include merch in this collection?

Ezla Lewis: I love merch so much. It’s so much fun when you go to a concert and leave with merch, so I wanted to have a similar feeling at the presentation.


STRUTitup: We’ve noticed a common color scheme throughout.

Ezla Lewis: Yes, there are green tones — very earthy and forest neutral. I love nature and the aesthetic of the shades in nature.

STRUTitup: What’s next for you and Palacose?

Ezla Lewis: We have a few designs for the upcoming collection and by the end of this year, we hope to be sold in boutiques. Eventually, we’d like to have our own store with matcha. 


Photos courtesy of Palacose

Photographers: Ezla Lewis, Nicole Aimi and Jess