The Fine Art of Resilience Fashion Show Raises Awareness About Human Trafficking

Jacklyn Davis, the creative director and designer of Jagged Hanger, gave a preview of her most recent collections ahead of London Fashion Week. The runway show was held at DuVin Pintor Gallery in Downtown Houston and portions of the evening’s proceeds went to victims of human trafficking.

“Our donation to [the victims] might be small, but it means the world to me, and it could change someone’s life,” Davis said. “I do what I can.”

Davis explained that as a mentor to troubled youth, she hears a lot of stories that are “sickening and sad.”

“I have some of the most intimate time with kids; they’re away from their parents, and they open up a little bit, especially when they [begin to feel] comfortable,” she said.

Listening to their stories made her realize that some of them don’t have anyone or anything which led her to partner with a charity focused on victims of human trafficking.

“I wanted to work with a charity for the event but had to think about some that aren’t being discussed [as often] and are swept under the rug,” she said.

Although the venue – a wine art gallery – is not one you’d typically think to host a runway show, Davis made it work. Throughout the gallery, art was hung, and DJ Michele McKnight added to the ambiance with favorite throwbacks – think TLC and Michael Jackson. Author and resilience coach Shyrell Hobson hosted the runway show as models of all ages strut the catwalk.

“Fashion makes us strong,” Hobson said. “We set trends, and we encourage others by the things we wear.”

The first collection set the mood. Young models – we’re talking five and six-year-olds – showed their personality in gowns, fur vests, fitted dresses and suits.

“Sometimes kids have to grow up faster than what they need to, so this line was a play off of that,” Davis said. “[They were] dressed a little bit older than what they normally would.”

Davis told STRUTitup she had young models participate in The Fine Art of Resilience Fashion Show because they are her heart.

Next came the Men’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection which featured comfortable camouflage, red plaid outwear and a double-breasted jacket with gold buttons.  

Davis said street kings and street chic attire inspired her for this collection.

The audience saw a combination of women and children’s pieces for Davis’ third collection.

“Movies, including Legally Blonde, inspired the children’s designs,” she said. “Growing up, I had an actual childhood, so there are things I remember that make me feel a certain way, and to this day, it resonates with how I feel, so I put that into the clothes.”


Photography: Christian Obi, Obi Photography