New Bridal Boutique Opens in Houston

Calling all brides-to-be! There is a new high-end bridal boutique in Houston, located near the Galleria at 4340 Westheimer Road, Suite 200 (above Le Peep), and we sat down with the three sisters behind this newly opened boutique to find out more about what they offer and how brides-to-be can have a Belle Âme Bridal experience.

STRUT: You all have different backgrounds – career-wise. Can you tell us about your relationship with fashion?

TIFFANY: For as long as I can remember, Judy wanted to own a bridal store. I remember she used to design her own bridal gowns, I don’t remember if they were good or not, but I [know] she was [always sketching] gowns. I always wanted to own a boutique because I love fashion and everything about clothes and modern trends.

STRUT: What roles do you three have with the boutique?

JUDY: I am the Director of Business Development, Tiffany is the Director of Operations – she is a bridal consultant for when a bride-to-be visits and Lynda is the Director of Finance.

TIFFANY: Yes, she is all about finance.

LYNDA: I don’t mind the risk.

STRUT: What does the name of the boutique – Belle Âme Bridal – mean?

LYNDA: It means ‘beautiful soul’ in French.

STRUT: How did Belle Âme Bridal come to be?

TIFFANY: I was preparing for my wedding day and shopping for the perfect dress seemed near impossible. I realized a lot of the gowns here in Houston are all very saturated, the designers are saturated. There are a lot of the same designers, the same types and styles.

JUDY: It was very cookie cutter like.

TIFFANY: Very. A friend of mine called multiple bridal stores in Houston and some had the same dress for different prices. So, it came down to a price war. For brides, you want to penny pinch and save money where you can. This is what we don’t want for Belle Âme Bridal. We wanted to find a niche and create a unique, exclusive experience for brides who don’t want to be wearing a dress that their sorority friend’s cousin wore.

STRUT: What’s different about Belle Âme Bridal?

TIFFANY: We have curated [a selection of gowns] from global designers that are exclusive to Belle Âme Bridal. Most are exclusive to the city of Houston and one is exclusive to the entire state. We [aim] to be a boutique where [brides-to-be] can come in and feel beautiful, inside and out.

LYNDA: We wanted to [create] something special for the bride.

STRUT: Can you tell us about Curvy Couture?

LYNDA: We carry sizes for our curvier brides so when they come in, they can get the experience that every other bride experiences.

TIFFANY: We aren’t here to discriminate on size, race or culture. This isn’t meant to be intimidating for any bride-to-be.

STRUT: What is the Belle Âme Bridal experience?

TIFFANY: It’s to feel welcome. You want to look your best; you’re coming in, spending quite a bit of money — it’s part of the wedding budget — and we don’t want our brides coming in where they feel intimidated or put off.

JUDY: We don’t want [the experience] to feel stressful. We are the only store that will have your dress so you won’t feel pressure to decide to buy it elsewhere, purchase on the spot, so since we’re the only store that carries it when you’re ready to come back for it, it will be there.

LYNDA: It’s intended to make the experience stress free. we want them to feel the best they can feel not only on their wedding day but also on the second best day ever.

STRUT: Does Belle Âme Bridal offer anything for the mother of the bride or bridesmaids?

TIFFANY: No, we only focus on the bride.

JUDY: We don’t carry accessories or shoes either.

STRUT: What is the price range of the gowns Belle Âme Bridal offers?

TIFFANY: They range from $2,000 to $8,500.

LYNDA: They’re accessible to all budgets. We do that so we can reach all types of brides.

TIFFANY: Exactly. We don’t categorize based on the bride’s budget which is something that happened to me when I was shopping for my wedding dress.

STRUT: Can brides-to-be shop online?

TIFFANY: We don’t have an online presence but the designers we carry have online shopping capabilities.

STRUT: Do brides need to make an appointment or do you accept walk-ins?

JUDY: We recommend booking an appointment because it goes along with the Belle Âme Bridal experience which is to really focus on the bride.

Photos courtesy of Belle Âme Bridal