In Conversation: How Jewelry Designer and Educator Elizabeth Irvine Finds Peace Daily

There are a few who do it all. Elizabeth Irvine is one of them. She is a Houston-based educator, award-winning author and creative director of The Jewelry Project.

In her past life, she was a nurse. Today, she owns a health and wellness company that is made up of many parts.

“We love to focus on women’s retreats and workshops to help empower women to be the best versions of them,” she said.

There is also The Jewelry Project which “fuels creativity.” Irvine said the jewelry is given to women to wear as a touchstone, so they feel connected daily, and at any time, they can remember affirmations, including, ‘I am beautiful from the inside out.’ With each piece designed, Irvine and her daughters, Sarah and Allie, want those who wear the gemstones to connect to the energies of the stone.

“The jewelry line helps relay and reconfirm our message,” said Irvine.

From the labor to sourcing the materials, The Jewelry Project is handmade in Houston. Each collection features high-quality, semi-precious gemstones, crystals and raw materials that are not only timeless but also classic.

“A percentage of the proceeds from The Jewelry Project supports charities for women and children,” said Irvine.

When shopping for a stack of gemstone bracelets to chokers and long layering necklaces, Irvine recommends to “buy it because you love it.” What she doesn’t want you to do is to research the meaning of each gemstone before purchasing. “See which one pulls you; ten times out of ten, that’s the stone you need most in your life.”

We spoke with Elizabeth Irvine on her health and wellness company, Truewellbeing, the power of gemstones and what it means to live the best version of you.

STRUT: What is the meaning of your health and wellness company, Truewellbeing?
ELIZABETH: It’s something I strive for every day. It’s coming back to the essence of who I am in this moment. For me, it’s a lifestyle, but it stems from getting in touch with the soul of yourself. It ripples out into everything that you do, as long as you come back to that connection; looking at the bigger picture. So, Truewellbeing means you naturally want to be healthier; live and eat healthier. You want to be kinder and more generous. You want to feel connected to people and to where you are putting your energy. Every moment of the day is precious and feels sacred because space becomes Truewellbeing.

STRUT: Can you share more about your design process?
ELIZABETH: Whenever I’m doing any creative writing, anything, if I’m not in that space, I feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. I might as well not even try. We do that with The Jewelry Project. We ask ourselves, ‘does this make me excited?’ If it doesn’t, then we go back to the drawing board. With painting, I always meditate before I paint. We found, as a team, we really need to take time with ourselves first – especially because we’re always under deadlines.

STRUT: The Jewelry Project features meditation beads, mandalas and gemstones paired with the medallion of St. Benedict. What is the reasoning behind selecting these materials?
ELIZABETH: The reason we’re specific about our metal work is that we wanted something that meant a lot to us. St. Benedict is a symbol for protection which for us, has multi-faceted meanings. The mandala is a Sanskrit symbol and used a lot in Eastern philosophy. It represents balance and equilibrium. We try to think of things that will encompass a wide group of people without offending anyone. When creating with gemstones, we’ll ask ourselves, ‘what feels right with this stone?’ Sometimes, [pairing the medallion of St. Benedict] with a stone feels better than the other, and I can’t even tell you why.

STRUT: Can you share about the energy of gemstones?
ELIZABETH: I feel a connection to the energies. A lot of people think that’s crazy and often say there isn’t energy coming out of a stone, but if you think about a watch, it’s made with a crystal and the radio transmitter is made with a quartz crystal. There’s energy that we have designed things in life that work with a crystal. A laser uses a diamond. There is energy in the earth. It’s a proven fact.

STRUT: How can we incorporate gemstones in our day-to-day?
ELIZABETH: Well, we feel it works well with jewelry because you can wear it; it’s on your skin. You can put it in your pocket or purse; it’s always near you.

STRUT: Do you have a favorite gemstone?
ELIZABETH: My absolute favorite would be Larimar and Aquamarine is a close second. They are both calming and healing stones.

STRUT: You share weekly affirmations with your newsletter subscribers. Why?
ELIZABETH: It’s our goal to give everyone just a little glimpse of something sacred; of something of a reminder, a reset. [My daughters] Allie and Sarah are a big part of that, and it’s so lovely. Each week we think of what inspires us. They’re really spontaneous. It’s everything we are living. We have found them to be extremely powerful because it’s about retraining your thoughts. So, when you begin to have negative thoughts or self-doubts, if you come back to your affirmation, it’s amazing how it changes things.

STRUT: What does it mean to live the best version of you?
ELIZABETH: When we feel like we’re doing the best we can; when we’re in a place where we feel happy, joyful and grounded. If we have a moment or day in our lives when we’re feeling those things, that’s when I say we’re living the best version of us. We’re living the essence of who our soul is and who we really are capable of being. And, all those other times when we’re in phases where we don’t feel those things, that’s when we’re not us. That’s not our best version.

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Irvine