Negris Lebrum – “Negris” F/W 2019

For Day 2 of Fresh Off The Rail fashion week, Houston was able to witness the “Negris” collection by designer Travis Hamilton. Recently debuted at New York Fashion Week, this collection is a rediscovery of the Negris Lebrum “love story”, the origin.

… with “Negris”, I was just trying to go back to the roots.

In Travis’ words, every piece was made with the inspiration of communicating the sense of a love story. For this collection, it was not only that the “Negris” lady look lovely, but that she looks in love.

Featuring the brand’s signature color, black, earthy tones in green, brown, and gray, were also present. Along with a snakeskin motif among many of the designs, there was a sort of hidden undertone of edginess.

It is not quite “edgy”, but for me, I tried to be a little bit edgier like with the camisole, leather mini, coupled with the black turtleneck. For the brand, that’s something different.

Personally, I found this collection quite interesting. When I look at a collection, I try to see the overall crux of it, the concept that connects every piece. I certainly do see the edginess Travis spoke about, and even a bit of sexiness. However, I think the thing that draws me the most is that the looks presented are like counterpoint melodies of snakeskin patterns, heathered grays, and conservative blacks, connected by the underlying harmony that Travis calls the Negris Love Story.