The Models Lab Fashion Show 2019

This year’s The Models Lab Fashion Show took place in Pearland’s Regional Airport, featuring designs from Nicholas Nguyen. The Models Lab is a modeling school, and it’s quite clear based on the consistency and precision of all of the models on the runway. Rarely has there been a show where I can remember the models being so consistent in their position and duration. It’s as if they had marched down the runway one hundred and one times for rehearsal before the show. The venue, the production, and timings were impeccable as well.

Nicholas Nguyen has shown once again why he’s one of the best designers in Houston with his label Mysterious by N.P.N. The show starts with a beautiful, dark collection of black and gold gowns, with floating layers, and ornate, gold roses embroidery. The designs continue with vibrant, red velvets from his Escapement collection, followed by a few signature pieces from the Cyclical collection such as the red Letter O dress and Silver Star dress. And in contrast to the dark opening gowns, he ends the show with an angelic-like collection of all white gowns in baroque and floral lace.