Jesse Greene Behind The Scenes With: House Of Enid


House Of Enid makes fashion. When I say this I mean it in a very specific way. There are a few ways to look at fashion but generally two stand out the most. Theres a functional side and an artistic side. The functional side is mostly accessible and seen amongst the general public. It’s usually worn out of necessity or utility. The artistic side is what you see when you dive into what makes fashion dynamic in the first place. When the consumer wants to stand out, or believes in the artist that is creating this new dynamic fashion. To say a few words about House Of Enid would simply be to say the latter.

I had the opportunity to get behind the scenes with Enid recently for a runway he curated at an event for the Houston Arts Alliance downtown. It was definitely short notice for me but fortunately I was able to make it out and get some great shots.


Throughout the day models and runway coaches bounced ideas and rehearsed runway routines while the hair and makeup team was hard at work putting together dynamic color palettes for the models, who had great energy during the process.


As evening approached, the attendees began to fill the venue, and live performances, food and a crowd of A-listers created a vibe perfect for what House Of Enid had prepared, creatively.



Here’s a look at some of the back stage action.

Some of Houston’s most unique fashion expressions were showcased this night. Along with some extremely talented hair and make up artists, and professional models that made the runway theme flow flawlessly and present itself beautifully.


You can see more from House Of Enid here and follow House Of Enid on Instagram.