Jesse Greene For Milanblocks Handbags




Jesse Greene is a published African-American fashion photographer and Strut creative director currently living in Texas.

“Creating beautiful pieces to enjoy your life” Sara, the designer of the Milanblocks brand. Since I was 7, I made clothing for my Barbie dolls, which was normal at the time. Do little girls do that anymore?

I was born in a simple family. My parents goal was that I will become a doctor or a lawyer to make us rich. They never cared about what I really like. They wouldn’t pay for me to go art school, so in university, I was in business. Ironically, I ended up refocusing on my childhood love of fashion and art, and the university education has just been merely a life experience.

In 2012, I moved to the U.S. and started my new life here. I didn’t know anything. I felt like a kid who needs to start over everything such as language, culture and so on. I had only $20 the first month here. I didn’t know my future, stuck in the house without a car. Finally, I decided to sell something online. My first sale was old pre-owned boots on eBay. While that was fun, I realized the potential of selling something that I had handcrafted myself.

I started to create a few hard box evening clutches in 2012. Despite having no art school background and never learning how to properly sketch, I began making evening bags! These would take about ten days to make. It was made completely from solid wood, acrylic and beads. These designs chase back to the 40’s. I am a really big fan of vintage collection. I love flowers, fruits as all the girls like. So, I used to become inspired from life, flowers, sea creature, and fruits. I wish people can wear them to match all outfits and I wish everyone know that life is our everything. No matter what artworks you do. All things come from life or the feeling of your life. You certainly wouldn’t have seen them in any retail shop up to this point. I made something that was unique, and that I would personally want to carry for a night on the town.

“I am struggling to emerge my design and my inspiration on paper” due to my lack of art background. Luckily, I was chosen to be a student by the art school ArsSutoria in Milan, Italy. However, my parents and my friends think it is a joke to chase dream. They don’t believe in art and fashion. In the next few years leading up to today, I went to the art school UAL in the UK, HCC in Houston, and Parson in NYC to learn how to make patterns, use Photoshop, Illustrator, sketch, and design. “It was really hard to study and run business at the same time” I always tell them, designing is just my passion. I am very happy to do things I like. I do not want to be a doctor and lawyer. Money is not everything. Doing something you like and makes you happy is more than everything. We are not money’s servant. We are the boss. We should drive our dream and lead ourselves. I would never give up my designing until I am done in this world.

“Keeping the passion for creation is the soul of my life” In 2014, the evil eye clutch and colorful cubic clutch, put me on the map. I’ve consistently been featured by national magazines such as ELLE, COSMO, PEOPLESTYLEWATCH, LIFE&STYLE, SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN MAG, also became the trendy pick by celebrities and select as designer collection by Macy’s. It doesn’t mean I am lucky. I would end up in one world which is “PASSION”

I believe if you have passion and keep walking forward you will get to where you want to be.