STRUT is a Houston based fashion organization dedicated to sharing trends and promoting acceptance of any and all styles; no matter who you are. Our purpose is to create a community of openness for those whose voices have been stifled by the judgment of others and bridge gaps between fashionistas everywhere. Regardless of what you wear, or how you wear it, STRUT welcomes you.


DickborderDick Clarke: Founder

A Houston native, and once aspiring marine biologist, Dick Clarke came to love fashion in the early 00’s. With a natural eye for color and pattern combinations, he quickly became well known for his style, matching vibrant royals with interesting shapes, making his outfits into works of art. The now interior decorator brings his abilities past the closet and into the commercial and residential spaces of those looking to create a space that speaks for itself. The entrepreneur and founder of STRUT wishes to bring Houston an outlet for style visionaries, open minds, and all of those in between, through the art of fashion.

omarborderOmar Lisandro: Founder

Omar Lisandro is a wardrobe stylist and set designer who has been a Houston native for more than 20 years. His most notable work has been with working on music videos and design for Blueprint film co as well as assisting on a GQ cover.

jesseborderJesse Greene: Photographer/Editor

Jesse Greene is a fashion and lifestyle photographer, as well as a fine artist. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Greene attended SAIC in 2001. Since the late 90s he’s been shooting and working in various formats, as he continues to explore concepts of beauty, sociology, and sexuality through his work. Growing up as a youth in the Chicago graffiti scene he learned about the dynamics of subculture and the gritty edge of outsider life in the inner city. As a young adult managing a popular Chicago boutique he learned about brands, styling and editorial fashion, which quickly became a passion. Greene’s body of work is extensive and can range from high fashion editorial to total mixed-media abstraction. His view of art is, “If you don’t look twice, or you don’t feel some type of way, it’s not working”.

dreborderDre Forgotten: Production Coordinator

Dre Forgotten is a classically trained artist and an active member of the Houston creative community. Setting no limitations on creative expression Dre Forgotten steps out of her comfort zone allowing for exploration of self and innovative concepts. With this creative freedom, Dre’s fearless exploration lead to the creation of her own wearable art clothing line in 2008. Participating in her first fashion show as a designer in 2012, Dre fell in love with the energy behind the scenes of a fashion show.  Dre has since worked every aspect of a fashion show and continues to chase the buzz behind the scenes as creative director on photo shoots, or backstage directing fashion shows.

Mauricio Hernandez: Editor


Mauricio Hernandez started photography in 2011, originally with a strong interest in photojournalism, covering concerts, festivals, conventions, and just about any public event. But as fashion shows became more prevalent in the Houston fashion scene, his focus is now all bound by an interest in fashion photography. He now mainly focuses on photographing runways, editorials, and any other form of fashion photography.

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